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What Serenity Financial is?

Serenity is a modern approach to regulating the financial relations between a broker and a trader. Traditional regulation is only available to big companies, because they are the only ones that can afford it; small companies are therefore pushed to work without a license.

We find this situation unfair and stand for equal opportunities for all players on the market. That is why Serenity's main goal is to provide brokers who work honestly with a tool that demonstrates their responsibility to their clients. Serenity Escrow is precisely such a tool. Escrow is based on blockchain, which itself is a guarantee of transparency and reliability.

How Serenity Escrow is different from other escrow services?



Participation in Serenity can be completely free of charge



We work with companies of any size, jurisdiction, or brokerage model (both A-book and B-book brokers)

Reliable Tech

Reliable Tech

Funds are held on smart contract. The smart contract technology ensures deposit security and eliminates fraud by minimising the human factor



We work exclusively through cryptocurrencies

How much is it? It's FREE

But you have to hold some Serenity tokens on your account

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Serenity Escrow for traders

Working with brokers who are the members of Serenity platform gives protection and significant benefits for traders

  • Traders' funds are protected with a smart contract
  • Cryptotraders are able to deposit cryptoassets to trade on traditional financial markets
  • High level of protection when working with for unregulated brokers
  • Market manipulations, adjustments of profit, significant widening of spreads, canceling of transactions and non-payments under false pretenses become impossible
  • Traders can verify execution quality of their trades
  • A trader can file a complaint to Serenity against the broker, the dispute will be resolved and Serenity will enforce its decision
  • Top-tier liquidity offered to brokers ensures that traders get a very competitive pricing.

Serenity Escrow for brokers

Membership of brokers in Serenity platform gives new opportunities and a number of significant benefits

  • New audience of cryptotraders with crypto assets as collateral for their trades
  • Additional broker transparency
  • A higher degree of trust from clients
  • Semi-automatic and manual arbitration of trades
  • Marketing support from Serenity and better conversion rate of marketing campaigns
  • Top-tier liquidity integration

How does Escrow work?

Escrow is a third-party guarantor of payment security in a transaction between the party providing a service and the party buying the service. Escrow Serenity acts as a third party in settlements between the broker and the trader, and serves as a guarantor of the deposit safety. For the clients of A-Book brokers, it also guarantees deal profit security.

This service can become a significant competitive advantage for a broker, especially when they have an offshore registration and work without a license.


  • Dawid Kustra

    Dawid Kustra

    Vice President and Head of Sales at Solution Partners Company

  • Salman Anjum

    Salman Anjum

    An early Blockchain adopter and one of the key influencers

  • Dmitry Rannev

    Dmitry Rannev

    Director General of AMTS Solutions, a technology provider for brokerages

  • Aleksey Kutsenko

    Aleksey Kutsenko

    Founder of a Fintech company Tools For Brokers Inc. Co-founder Genesis Vision

  • Peter Tatarnikov

    Peter Tatarnikov

    COB at The Financial Commission (Independent self-regulatory organization)

  • Anatoly Aleksandrovich

    Anatoly Aleksandrovich

    Atlas Blockchain CTO, Blockchain analyst for CREDITS projects

  • Łukasz Paszkiewicz

    Łukasz Paszkiewicz

    Regional Director in CFH Group, member of Advisory Board of TraderStars

  • Aarti Thakkar

    Aarti Thakkar

    Head of forex technology department at Studio45 Company

  • Sergey Ershov

    Sergey Ershov

    Head of PR at a large Forex brokerage NordFX

  • Andrey Moskvitch

    Andrey Moskvitch

    Patent attorney & consultant for IP due diligence

  • Dmitry Orlov

    Dmitry Orlov

    Founder and developer of PAMM/RAMM investment services and platforms

  • Julia Mikhalchuk

    Julia Mikhalchuk

    Cryptocurrency attorney, CorpLaw.Pro. Provides legal advice on token issuing

  • George Giannoulakis

    George Giannoulakis

    Founder and СЕО InvestСor Corporate Ltd.

  • Alexander Stanovoy

    Alexander Stanovoy

    Advises leading Russian and international corporations on business structuring and licensing issues