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SERENITY platform for secure currency, cryptocurrency and CFD trading
Selection of brokers for trading on currency and cryptocurrency exchanges.
Client funds are stored using smart contracts.
GUARANTEED withdrawal of funds from any broker.
Single verification procedure for trading with hundreds of brokers.
Deposit/withdrawal of funds in cryptocurrency.
Up to 100% of the company's services can be purchased with tokens.
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ICO starts in
Pre-ICO results:
Tokens left (Pre-ICO):
December 1st 2017 — January 24th, 2018
Closed round of sales
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About the platform

SERENITY FINANCIAL is a platform that unites brokers of any jurisdiction and traders from all around the world. Thanks to the depository system and blockchain technology, the platform guarantees fairness of all trades and withdrawal transactions.
Our marketplace addresses the industry's biggest issues:
The project is designed to prevent Forex fraud by means of blockchain technology.
Forex brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges are united by a single platform, moving Forex industry into the new paradigm.
Serenity pushes the industry to evolve, having created a standardized blockchain-based space with equal conditions and requirements.
The platform acts as an arbitrator and settles disputes between brokers and traders.
All trading history is recorded in public blockchain, preventing any chance of forgery.
The clients are protected even when trading with foreign and offshore brokers.
Serenity solves the problem of clients' trust for small and emerging brokers and generates an increase in customers.
By providing liquidity, SERENITY increases the quality of services of small brokers.
A client passes a KYC procedure only once to trade with hundreds of brokers.

How it works

general Trades are recorded inblockchain Liquidity aggregator Client registers withSERENITY Depending on the results,Serenity returns thefunds to either thetrader or the broker. Free tradeverification withVerify My Trade Arbitration ofdisputes by the expertcommittee No objections Client lost Client made profit Objections $ Client receivesthe tradingdeposit from thebroker Client choosesa broker fromthe list Brokers connected tothe system Broker must transfer thefunds to the client The funds pass into fullownership of the broker Client startstrading. The systemreceives data fromthe trading platform The funds arereserved on theaccount with asmart contract The trade isconsideredclosed Client appeals to SERENITY Client can withdraw the funds ortransfer them to another brokercommission-free

Already with us

IQ Option is one of the largest Binary Options brokers with monthly trading volume of $11 000 000 000.
FINACOM PLC LTD. (“Financial Commission”) is an independent self-regulatory organization and external dispute resolution (EDR) body, that is dedicated specifically to Forex.
Ready-made solutions for Forex brokers, Forex startups, managers, hedge funds, investment and proprietary trading companies.
UpTrader offers ready-to-use products and custom solutions enabling businesses to start a brokerage company from scratch.
Grand Capital is providing high quality services for trading on financial markets to traders from all around the world from 2006.
The company provides a professional and convenient platform for access to Binary Options trading.
Forex Broker determined to set and adhere to the highest industry standards. Provides services for convenient Forex trading for novices and professional traders.
Carrax is a Forex broker specializing in providing reliable and competitive services for trading on financial markets to clients worldwide. It offers a variety of trading instruments, including Forex, Stock indices and commodities.
Forex and Binary Options broker established in 2004 to offer access for the internet trading on the world financial markets.
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Soft cap $2M — Implementation of the main functionality of the platform
- Settlement system — a system for reserving funds between a broker and a client using smart contracts.- Arbitration system — connection of arbitration services (Verify My Trade), integration of these services with the system. - Promotion — creation of client support and sales departments.
$5M — KYC system (Know Your Client)
- Legal matters: preparation of papers and permits for collecting Serenity payment system client data. - Verification: collection and verification of data of the clients who work with brokers via Serenity platform. - Cooperative use of data: resolving legal matters related to the use of client data by Serenity and brokers.
$10M — Custom blockchain
- Development of a custom blockchain to store transaction data. - Integration of brokers' trading platforms with blockchain. - Development of server and client plug-ins for signing all operations conducted through MetaTrader.
$14M — Liquidity provision
- Connection of bridge for trading platforms that are integrated with Serenity payment system. - Adding third party liquidity providers. - Acquisition of licenses to work with Prime brokers.
>$19M — Hedge fund
- Organization of funds needed to support hedging of clients' positions at market makers for 'Category A' brokers. - Commence platform development in traditional jurisdictions (establishing legal entities, nominal capital and compliance with capital requirements of governmental regulatory bodies).
Development fund
If more funds are raised we will be acquiring licenses in additional jurisdictions (each license will require approximately $5 million considering all additional expenses), connecting new liquidity providers, increasing sales and marketing spend.

For token holders

Serenity is the future

Serenity is a global project that aims for uniting the majority of the world's Forex brokers with its platform

Revenue structure of Serenity

  • Commission fees for funds escrow on Ethereum smart contracts
  • Subscriber fee from A-class brokers for the service package that includes technology solutions and liquidity
  • Commission for manual arbitration

High returns

  • It's possible to earn on Serenity tokens 2, 3, 5, 10 times more!
  • Clients must pay 50% to 100% of the company's services cost with tokens.
  • Tokens will be accepted at a cost not lower than their nominal value, or at a market value, if it is higher.
  • Tokens that are used for paying for the company's services will be withdrawn from circulation and destroyed.
  • After the ICO, SERENITY tokens will be traded freely on exchanges.

ICO details

Pre-ICO dates — November 15 - 30

Service fees
Clients must pay 50% to 100% of the company's services cost with tokens.
Company's services
Storage of funds using smart contracts, manual arbitration, recording of trades in blockchain, provision of liquidity.
Tokens used to purchase the company's services will be withdrawn from circulation and destroyed.
Trading on an exchange
After ICO SERENITY tokens will be freely trading on exchanges.
Total number of tokens
3 500 000
Number of tokens (Pre-ICO)
150 000
Nominal value
0.1 ETH
Pre-ICO discount
Token type

ICO dates will be announced later


Yagub Rahimov
Yagub Rahimov
The CEO and a co-founder of 7marketz Inc., the parent company of AtoZForex.com, FintechEvents.Center and NewsOgram AI. Since 2005, Yagub has established multiple companies in 18 countries with a special focus on alternative investment channels and machine learning....
Dmitry Rannev
Dmitry Rannev
Director General of AMTS Solutions, a technology provider for brokerages. Founder and owner of RannF...
Aleksey Kutsenko
Aleksey Kutsenko
Founder of Tools For Brokers Inc, software development company, which develops financial software fo...
Peter Tatarnikov
Peter Tatarnikov
COB at The Financial Commission (FinaCom PLC Ltd), an independent self-regulatory organization and e...
Julia Mikhalchuk
Julia Mikhalchuk
Cryptocurrency attorney, CorpLaw.Pro. Provides legal advice on token issuing. Specializes in deal st...
Dmitry Orlov
Dmitry Orlov
Founder, visionary and developer of PAMM/RAMM investment services and platforms.
Andrey Moskvitch
Andrey Moskvitch
Patent attorney & consultant for IP due diligence, tech transfer, Internet law, ICO, blockchain and ...
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Our team

Stanislav Vaneev
Stanislav Vaneev
CEO and founder of Grand Capital, an international financial services company that has a monthly tur...
Anton Vasin
Anton Vasin
Co-founder of Serenity project and its COO. Anton's career spans over 11 years among the top positio...
Denis Kulagin
Denis Kulagin
Expert in promotion of Forex companies in Asia: China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Vietnam....
Vasily Alexeev
Vasily Alexeev
More than 10 years in commercial development, including 6 years of product development for Forex com...
Sergery Kozlovsky
Sergery Kozlovsky
Sergey started his career in 2007 as a financial analyst. Later he became the head of a brokerage co...
Stanislav Pankratov
Stanislav Pankratov
Python developer with 3 years experience. Backend (Python 2/3, Django, Flask, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, G...
Elena Berestovaya
Elena Berestovaya
Elena has over 10 years of experience in business promotion and reputation management, including 6 y...
Elizaveta Matveeva
Elizaveta Matveeva
Multitalented product designer with more than 5 years of experience. Designs useful and clean mobile...
Jonathan Raharjo
Jonathan Raharjo
Technical support for clients in Indonesia
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What's in it for traders?

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I transferred BTC to your account, but while the transaction was being processed, ICO ended. What will happen to my BTC?

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